Iron Maiden, anyone?  Here is our cover of Maiden's classic, released on May 29, 2000, 'Brave New World'.  Ironically, we performed this version 21 years to the day after the album was released.  Sharon is most responsible for bringing Maiden into our live repertoire.  She has, on many occasions, expressed to the rest of the band that she wished she was born a male and that in her male form, she would be Bruce Dickinson  😂.  

The banter you hear/see at the beginning of the video is Sharon's feeble attempt to remember Rich's (our new keyboard player) last name...although he'd been in the band for a few months at the recording of this performance....gotta love her 😁

So, without further ado, here is our cover of Iron Maiden's 'Brave New World'.  And stay tuned for more exclusive videos and other goodies and hope you're enjoying your backstage experience 🤘

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