Welcome to the 5th Dimension.  Please enjoy this free preview of our new concept album, 'Void of Polarity XI:XI'.

There are a few full tracks to enjoy and some previews.  And we hope your ascension into the next dimension is full of metal and awesomeness 👽🤘

What the critics are saying about S T A V O 

"Void of Polarity is an opulent effort, in which Stavo pull out all the stops, musically." - The Hollywood Digest

"A rousing powerhouse of an album that both feels infinite and intimate, with something truly in it for everyone, ranging from instrumentals, experimental interludes & rock ballads of softer and more uplifting variety" - Indieshark Music Magazine

"The band is a fluid machine that succeeds in bringing their own individual abilities to the band, and congealing them to create one singular experience." - IndiePulse Music Magazine

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