Every now and then, it happens.

Every now and again, it happens...   


Four like-minded individuals from completely different backgrounds, get together to make an artistic expression that is much greater as a whole, then the sum of its parts.


Such is the case with STAVO, whose new EP, Everything In Between, is getting considerable attention from fans and music industry insiders, alike. Featuring guitarist Dan Staversky, bassist Sam Klotz, drummer John Rolland and newest member, lead vocalist and keyboardist Sharon Kaplun, STAVO has crafted a powerful collection of impactful songs fueled by driving rhythms and infectious melodies.

          After years of  formal music training, with a long list of aspiring rock bands they have played in, the members of STAVO are creating a new form of progressive rock music that draws heavily from heavy metal and jazz-fusion. The members site influences as diverse as Frank Zappa, Dream Theater, Nightwish, Rush and Heart, and reflected on these to create a fresh, original musical sound that is both melodic and energetic. 

          The debut EP, "Everything In Between", features a diverse collection of songs.  From the funky pop gem, “Lately,” to the introspective jazz-flavored track, “Madaket,” the songs on Everything In Between are bringing the band to a new legion of loyal fans. “Spin The Wheels,” labeled by top rated Stephens Media air personality Tony Infantino a "Hit song" -  has further driven the band to where it was asked by international guitar hero Pat Travers to be the opening act on many of his shows.

They are currently writing a follow up, full length concept album titled "Void of Polarity XI:XI".  The story introduces a character named Indigo, who is trapped in a miserable Corporate America job, and focuses on the evolution of her journey through duality, away from the ego, towards her true purpose in this life.  All the while, she is unknowingly guided by the Council of Light until she awakens to her true self.  The record is filled with intersecting melodies, storylines, heavy prog riffs and everything you remember about great concept records.

          In concert, the band weaves a musical tapestry that blends its original songs with highly innovative versions of covers made up of great radio hits and all those deep proggy album tracks you forgot you loved.

          Why not check out the band?  See (…and hear) for yourself.


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