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Emma's Story...

Emma was the vibrant, energetic, fire-plug of a daughter born to parents Ben & Katherine on June 23, 2013.  The parents are very close friends of the band and her story, albeit much too short, is the inspiration for the song "Light In The Window".  

The song serves as her voice and legacy, and is a story about one family's struggle with unspeakbale loss and their resiliancy to face each day without her.  The lyrics were written from lead guitarist Dan's point of view of the events immediately following her passing and the emotions experienced by a family dealing with such a traumatic event.  They are based on actual conversations that took place between himself and the family and the video has symbols of Emma's life throughout.

As you watch and listen, the greatest gift you can give is to share this so Emma's voice and spirit can live on forever.  Maybe it can help someone you know get through difficult times? Who knows, maybe it can even help you?  In any event, thank you for learning a little bit about Emma and enjoy the video.




S T A V O  

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