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Thank you for your purchase of the Concept Album 'Void of Polarity XI:XI'.  We sincerely appreciate your support and we hope you enjoy this collection of music, nearly 2 years in the making.  We apologize for the shipping delays of your physical CD package, as nothing seems to go according to schedule during the COVID era.  We will keep you posted with updates on ship times.  For now, please enjoy this FREE exclusive digital version for listening on your computer, tablet and Android or iPhone.

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Earth has declined into a culture of mistrust and deceit, devoid of harmony and peace.  Our character, Indigo, is entrenched in a mundane corporate 9-5 grind of an existence, not truly understanding her place in all of it.  At first, she is full of promise and excitement, ready to take on the world.  Yet, as time passes, she begins to realize the giant hamster wheel she, and so many others, are thrust onto.

She begins to experience visions, vivid dreams and hears voices in her head.  They appear to be guiding her, leading her on a path of discovery of self-awareness and awakening.  Indigo has many questions...what is she seeing?  Who is this Council of Light that appears to her in her dreams?  Why are they guiding her?  Is she one of them?  And most importantly, why are they seeking her out?

As the years pass by, Indigo comes to the realization that she is battling the dark cloud of time as she struggles to discover who she is and what her true purpose is, as "the clock on the wall ticks away on us all..."

How does it end?  Well, that's for your listening ears.  We hope you enjoy 'Void of Polarity XI:XI' and thank you for your support.

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