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'Void of Polarity XI:XI' storylines...part 1

So....what in the world is this album all about?

What will it sound like?

And why a concept album?

The story introduces a character named "Indigo". She is trapped in present day Corporate America, in a city she doesn't know, a job she doesn't like and a path that wasn't meant for her.

While struggling through long, stress filled Corporate job dog days, she slowly discovers, and begins to realize, that she is what some call a "Starseed". What is a Starseed, you ask? Well, we will get into more detail in subsequent posts, but the long of the short is, they are beings reincarnated on 3D Earth sent here to propel the ascension of the planet from a state of chaos and disruption, to a state one one consciousness of love, harmony and peace...whoa, that's alot, we know...

"This album will focus primarily on Indigo's awakening and the evolution of her journey through duality, away from the ego, towards positivity and being of service to others and all that is good and pure in this life," says singer Sharon Kaplun - who wrote most of the lyrics for the story. In other words, it's a relatable tale of one person's struggle with their current circumstances, their refusal to accept where they are, and pursue what they are truly passionate about. "Many of us simply accept that good enough is good enough. And we stay in our mundane crappy jobs because we think that's what we're supposed to do. But we all have a choice as to what path and passions we want to pursue. The question we all struggle with, is at what cost and risk are we willing to pursue it? How far are we willing to go? What are we willing to sacrifice? That is primarily the essence of this particular record."

"This record will sound much more like the music we all grew up on and were influenced by." says Guitarist Dan Staversky, who wrote much of the music.

"Our EP, Everything In Between, had a LOT of outside influence on it. We were 'advised' to error on the pop side of music and the EP really never encapsulated who or what STAVO are. This record will be a much more pure representation of what the band will sound like moving forward."

7-string guitars, odd time signatures, double bass kick drums and colorful keyboard lines will litter this album...we promise you.

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for more snippets of the album, details of the story and other fun things by staying in touch HERE

Talk soon prog heads!!

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