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Void of Polarity XI:XI - song by song - Part 1: Disciplined Dreams

As some of you may know by now, Void of Polarity is a concept album. Meaning, the lyrics of each song tie into a larger story that unfolds as the album progresses. So, what is it all about? That's what this series is for - to explain the entire story, song by song.


As human beings, we all emit frequencies and give off vibration in one form or another. It's all part of our collective consciousness. Some people are more in tune with it than others. For example, some people meditate and can "step outside their human form" and experience the world from outside their bodies. Some have a sixth sense and can communicate with paranormal entities. Some have a psychic gift. And some experience none of these. It just means people exist in different dimensions here on earth.

According to Intuitive Coach Terrie Huberman, living in the 3rd Dimensional realm here on earth is where "our outside physical world reflects our inner world. Since we live in a vibrational universe and we humans are designed electrically (brain and heart are the power system of the human body) we will magnetize the physical world to us. The physical world will show us what’s going on inside of us by meeting with the same matching vibrations. These are things you know; they are constant in your life, they are predictable."

Then there is the 4th Dimension (which we'll skip for now) - which is the gateway to 5D.

5D, according to Huberman, "is where you can have an infinite amount of possibility for yourself. It’s where manifestation happens. It’s where you make change and time travel to a new life…all through a process of awareness. Your energy has shifted into a very high vibrational frequency and you are less you and more of the ‘Creator’. You have accessed your Divinity." 5D is the highest consciousness, space and time do not exist. Nor does dulaity - dark/light, push/pull - it is void of polarity.

Now that's out of the way....

According to guitarist Dan Staversky, "(Disciplined) Dreams is an overture of sorts. It was written in the same vein as the 2112 Overture by Rush or Overture 1928 by Dream Theater. It is filled with themes and melodies that will reappear throughout the album and set the stage for the next 55 minutes."

It begins with a voice that appears to our heroin, Indigo, while she sleeps. It simply says, "Sleep to wake up." She is unaware who the voice belongs to or why she is hearing it. Indigo is a normal girl, leading a normal life, attempting the unattainable feat of work/life balance in the blinding pace of the big city. She is faintly aware of frequency and vibration, but more in tune with the fact that she was put on this planet to accomplish more than just 14 hour corporate work days. This is where her journey from 3D to 5D begins...

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